Mandy of Milly Molly

I am married with 2 grown up kids and live in Southampton


A group I go to for women make cards regularly and that’s how I found out about card making and thought I’d give it a go.  I started card making one Christmas, about five years ago, when a pack of card making bits caught my eye .

I now have a room full of craft stuff!
At first I made so many my husband suggested I sell them.  I started by making flat cards,then easel cards .


My favourite cards are box cards and they are also my best sellers. I started making them about a year ago.


I love making them as they are generally different to what you can buy in the shops . I never make the same card twice unless specifically asked for.


Please visit my shop if you are interested in any of my cards  here


Fiona Havart-Smith of WINIBI

Hi I’m Fiona and I live in Basingstoke, Hampshire with my husband Steve and gorgeous furbaby Molly where I run my own business boarding and walking dogs.


When I’m not looking after the woofits I love creating and not being able to keep everything myself WINIBI was born. Over the years I’ve tried various mediums, creating a variety of products but my two favourites are glass and polymer clay.


Currently my shop is full of coasters and fairy doors but I do love making a variety of other items and over the next few months I shall be populating the shop with those products too. I’m happy to take on commissions so if you like what you see but would like it tweaked in some way (colour, shape, etc) then just let me know.


A visit to my facebook page will also show you some of the other items that I make too… So pop on over to my shop and have a browse WINIBI

Featured seller this week is WINIBI

Hi, Welcome to WINIBI. My name is Fiona. I’m a glass and polymer clay artist working from my home studio in Hampshire.


I love creating a variety of products both in its finished form (coasters, fairy doors, jewellery, etc) ready for you to use straight away and also items such as beads and buttons for you to use in your own creations.


WINIBI is an acronym for Want It, Need It, Buy It. I figure if I can meet your wants and needs then you won’t be able to help yourself but buy my products. :o)

AbsinthePeaseblossom-500x500 (1)

I’m always happy to take on commissions so if you would like me to create something especially for you or your friends and family then please contact me.

Heart-Blues1-500x500 (1)



If you wish to see more of my items or wish to book a commission please click the link to my shop 🙂 WINIBI

Vickie of Fantasy Fae

Hi my name is Vickie and I make things to do with fairies, elves and pixies. I live in Walsall in the West Midlands with  my youngest son who is nearly 16.  I am also a full time support worker for adults with learning disabilities and other needs which I love doing.  In my spare time I do a lot of crafts, knitting, sewing, polymer clay, cards, fairy doors to name a few.  I also own and run Truly Handcrafted.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved anything to do with fairies and pixies.

I mainly at the moment make fairy doors out of wood or polymer clay




I have also other items in the pipeline but I am at the research and testing stage. I can show you a little something I am thinking of 😉


These shoes are approx 2-3 inches big and take a while to sew and decorate. I will either sell them singularly or has pairs… not decided yet. The other products I will keep shtum about for now.

Also I would like to take the opportunity to let you know any sales from my Truly Handcrafted shop I will be donating 50% of the monies to a fantastic charity called Once we were soldiers  who desperately need to raise funds for a van which is essential to their work click on the link and you will find their facebook page and also information about their van. If you don’t wish to buy a fairy door/ item I am sure they will provide you with a link if you wish to make a donation.

So please if you wish to look at my products pop on over to my shop Fantasy Fae


Alice of Custom Handmade Crafts

Hello everybody, I thought maybe it was time I told you a little about myself.
I am Alice and I live in the UK in the heart of the Kent countryside with my twocats and three rabbits and, together with my partner Jay, (Mr CHC) I am Custom Handmade crafts. I do the arty crafty design bits, and Mr CHC helps with sorting the wood ready for use and setting up saws etc for me and all the wood work is done in his workshop. From time to time he will disappear with a bit of wood and come back with something he has made just for me!

3 hearts-500x500

I have always enjoyed creating things arty and crafty and making unique gifts for friends and family wanting to give something different that is not available ‘off the shelf’ as it were.

Custom Handmade Crafts came about in September 2014 when I made a door plaque for my newborn niece as a gift, and also for a friends little boy’s birthday. The plaque idea grew from there, branching out for my grown up nieces wedding and my young train loving nephew Freddie. Now I am overflowing with ideas and cant stop making!

Everything is hand made, I cut all plaques and shapes myself by hand from a single 2M length of wood using a scroll saw, and I individually sand, varnish and hand paint each one making every plaque totally unique. Once they are ready I drill the holes and finish them with a quality, non yellowing, clear varnish and 3mm satin ribbon for hanging.

I never buy pre cut blanks or MDF and as all plaques and shapes are individually hand cut and painted no two are exactly the same, making each one totally unique.


I always have some ready made items in stock however my speciality is custom orders. Orders made to your personalisation and preferences, if you have something in mind, or see something you would like a little bit different, please do ask as my aim is for you to have exactly what you want.

I always welcome ideas for custom orders and personalised items, as well as change of colour schemes and/or adapt designs to create something uniquely for you.


I am only a message away and am quite happy to discuss your requirements with no obligation to buy; my aim is for you to have exactly what you want.

You can find me here Custom Handmade Crafts

This weeks Featured seller is Custom Handmade Crafts

Wooden plaques, made from scratch using only quality materials and never ready to decorate blanks.

travis bees-1-1-500x500

I offer a fully personalised and bespoke service and am always happy to work to your requirements; I love making unique items made to order. If you see something you would like a little different, maybe a favourite saying or quote or different colours, pictures… anything at all then please do get in touch.


I am always happy to discuss any item and personalisation free with no obligation to buy. Just drop me a message.

Everything you see here has been individually handmade by me at my home in the Kent countryside. I cut all plaques and shapes with a scroll saw, and individually hand paint each one. They are vanished with a quality, non yellowing varnish and all hanging items have satin ribbon for hanging (not string)

3 hearts-500x500

Everything is made form real wood and not MDF.


If you would like to visit my shop please do click this link  Custom handmade crafts